Wondering What Neurotoxin Treatment Is? Everything You Need to Know About the Treatment

Wondering What Neurotoxin Treatment Is? Everything You Need to Know About the Treatment

May 5, 2022

If fine lines and wrinkles appear on your face, you might consider rushing to a dermatologist to determine how to deal with the condition. However, if you try to understand how Neurotoxin in Tracy can help treat wrinkles and the possible side effects of the treatment, you will undoubtedly prefer visiting the facility mentioned to get rid of the wrinkles on your face.

What is Neurotoxin?

Neurotoxin is an injectable neurotoxin highly diluted form of botulinum toxin found in the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The diluted form of botulinum toxin helps relax your muscles in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes.

Neurotoxin treatments temporarily block local nerve impulses to particular muscles in-your-face to prevent making certain facial expressions to prevent wrinkles from forming. Neurotoxin treatments aim to stop the facial expressions that are primarily responsible for wrinkle formation.

How does Neurotoxin work?

Neurotoxin functions by targeting the nervous system to disrupt the nerve signalling processes stimulating muscle contraction. The muscle contractions cause temporary muscle paralysis. The nerves release chemical messenger acetylcholine to encourage muscle contraction at the point where the nerve endings meet muscle cells. The receptors of the muscle cells are held by acetylcholine to cause them to contract and shorten.

The release of acetylcholine is blocked by Neurotoxin injections to stop the muscle cells from contracting because the toxin helps the muscles relax.

Neurotoxin treatments primarily use Neurotoxin to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. The American Board of cosmetic dentistry states Neurotoxin injections are incredibly popular as a cosmetic procedure throughout America, with over 7 million people receiving the treatments in 2016. However, the effects of Neurotoxin treatments are temporary and last between three to 12 months, depending on the type of treatment.

If you visit the Neurotoxin clinic near you will realize the facility provides these injections in the following areas of the face:

Neurotoxin is helpful for treating wrinkles between eyebrows, also called frown lines, glabellar lines or elevens.
You can also receive help from Neurotoxin for wrinkles around the eyes, also called crow’s feet.
Horizontal creases on your forehead, lines in the corners of your mouth and cobblestone skin on your chin also receive help from Neurotoxin treatments.

However, Neurotoxin injections have received approval from the FDA merely for use around the eyes and the forehead. No research shows whether Neurotoxin can improve dark circles under the eyes. Unfortunately, some people even consider Neurotoxin to enhance the appearance of their hair, although there is little evidence to prove whether it works.

The Safety of Neurotoxin Treatments

Critics of Neurotoxin injections have commented that they make you lose your facial personality leaving you with significantly less range of motion when laughing, angry, or upset. However, when performed by an experienced provider like the dentist near me, moderate amounts of Neurotoxin allow you to react and communicate without losing your liveliness. In addition, Neurotoxin relaxes the wrinkle-forming facial muscles near the injection site without affecting your remaining facial muscles, helpful for overall facial expressions.

Realistic Expectations Necessary

You must have realistic expectations when visiting the clinic mentioned earlier for Neurotoxin injections. Neurotoxin merely helps reduce wrinkles from expressions and not every wrinkle on the face. Neurotoxin improves the appearance of wrinkles caused by expressions by relaxing the muscles without getting rid of the static wrinkles. If static wrinkles concern you, the better option is to consult a dermatologist and discuss laser treatments to help smooth the mouth. You can even find some natural remedies to reduce wrinkles.

Neurotoxin Might Feel Funny in the Beginning

Please don’t expect results from Neurotoxin injections immediately after receiving them. The total effect of Neurotoxin becomes apparent after two weeks. You might realize when the Neurotoxin injection has taken effect because you feel like having duct tape on your forehead. Neurotoxin affects the movement of your facial muscles, making it seem funny that you can’t move your face to make specific expressions. Furthermore, Neurotoxin injections in one part can affect another, especially if you lean forward after getting the injectables because it can cause eyelid droops.

Before receiving Neurotoxin injections, you must verify the provider’s credentials to ensure they have sufficient experience and discuss the side effects of the treatment to various to prepare yourself ahead of time.

If you intend to improve the fine lines and wrinkles on your face Valley View Dental — Tracy provides Neurotoxin treatments. Kindly schedule an appointment with them to change the appearance of your face.

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