Which One Is Better, Root Canal Treatment Or Tooth Extraction?

Which One Is Better, Root Canal Treatment Or Tooth Extraction?

March 2, 2022

Tooth decay occurs due to poor oral hygiene and infection. Tooth infections are common because every tooth has a soft cavity, and infections in this cavity cause pain and lead to tooth decay. Although many people have tooth decay, they hardly get it treated because of dental anxiety.

Tooth extraction and root canal treatment are the only reliable solutions for decayed teeth. The choice of either procedure depends on the extent of the decay. Fortunately, this article discusses both methods and their pros and cons.

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Pros And Cons Of Root Canal

Root canal treatment at a dental office in Tracy, CA, is a conservative treatment that can save an infected tooth, provided the damage is not too severe. During a root canal procedure, a dentist in Tracy, CA, will drill a hole in the tooth to reach the pulp. Afterward, the dentist cleans and disinfects the canal before sealing it with a dental filling. The dentist then places a crown over the tooth to protect and strengthen it.

Although some people believe that endodontics in Tracy, CA, is painful, it isn’t. Usually, it is the infected tooth that causes pain. During the procedure, the dentist will numb the area with an anesthetic. You may feel slight discomfort after a root canal, but it is not excruciating and should relieve you in a few days.

Eating soft foods, taking care when brushing your teeth, and avoiding chewing on the root canal site can help speed up your recovery.

Pros of endodontics include saving your tooth, preventing further damage, and protecting surrounding teeth from infection. The results of a root canal can last for many years, and the procedure is more economical than tooth extraction and replacement.

The downsides of root canal treatment include the need for a dental crown and the risk of infection if the canal is not cleaned correctly.

Pros And Cons Of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is another method of treating infections in the tooth root. Extraction is the last resort and is only suitable for extreme cases. During the procedure, a dentist in Tracy, CA, will cut away tissue covering the infected tooth and use a pair of forceps to rock the tooth back and forth till it loosens from its position. The procedure is also painless because you get an anesthetic.

After an extraction, you’ll experience discomfort. Although the pain subsides over the next few days, there are precautions you need to take to prevent complications like infections and excess bleeding. After the extraction site heals, you need to get a tooth replacement like a dental implant or dental bridge.

After tooth extraction, you can speed up your recovery by avoiding hot foods, brushing gently, and eating soft foods. It is also best to avoid smoking, get enough rest, and avoid drinking with straws.

After getting a tooth extraction, you don’t have to worry about the tooth getting infected again. The downside to tooth extraction is that the recovery process is longer, and you have to get a replacement tooth, which is costly. If you choose not to replace your missing teeth, it can affect your bite and cause bone loss.

Why Is A Root Canal Treatment Preferred?

Tooth extraction is the last resort for most dentists when treating tooth infections. Unlike tooth extraction, root canal treatment is a conservative treatment that saves your natural teeth. Furthermore, root canal treatment preserves your natural smile because you don’t have to get an artificial tooth replacement.


When you have an infected tooth, you can get a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction. A root canal treatment saves your teeth and is cheaper at a dental office in Tracy, CA. Tooth extraction is permanent and most expensive because you need to get a replacement tooth.

If you have a severe toothache, it could result from an infected tooth. It would be best if you visited Valley View Dental – Tracy for prompt treatment.

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