How can Implants Offer a Permanent Solution to a Lost Tooth?

How can Implants Offer a Permanent Solution to a Lost Tooth?

September 1, 2022

Having a missing tooth ruins your smile and shatters your confidence also. That’s why people with missing or broken teeth seek solutions immediately to get them repaired. Dental implants are among the common solution to missing teeth today.

Our dental offices see several dental implant consultations a week alone. The reason is that the solution is as long-lasting as you can get. Dental implants also look natural as your original teeth, so another person can’t differentiate them from the rest. The benefits of dental implants can be life-changing. Read on to learn more about dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

These are replacements teeth with an artificial root that are made out of titanium and are inserted into your jaw. The roots help by acting as the foundation for the replacement crown. The process differs from that of dentures which don’t employ an artificial root. When implants are compared to bridges, there’s no need for support from your neighboring teeth for the replacement, making the implants a smart solution.

Dental implants look and are used like your natural teeth, making them a perfect option for most people with missing teeth. However, you must ensure you visit a reliable dentist to complete the procedure. After all, everyone wants their implants to look as natural as possible. Our experienced dentist in Valley View Dental – Tracy, helps you achieve that natural look and restore your smile, giving your confidence back.

Uses of Dental Implant

Some of the uses include:

  • Dental implants provide support to dentures. The implant-supported dentures help in adding support so the dentures can fit securely.
  • They help in the replacement of one or more missing teeth.
  • Implants support dental bridges that no longer need a removable partial denture.

Dental Implants Treatment

Before any missing teeth treatment, your mouth will be examined thoroughly to devise the right plan for dental implants. The following are treatments regarding dental implants:

  • Single Tooth Implants: Dental implants are the right option for people with a single missing tooth. The dental implant acts as a root ensuring that your jawbone stays intact. It also ensures that the remaining teeth are aligned and in place. Since there’s no need for support from the neighboring teeth, your smile remains natural.
  • Multiple tooth implants: While the dental implant procedure takes longer than dentures, one can get the implants for multiple or all the teeth. But when it comes to when you’re replacing all the teeth, you’ll have the implant-supported full denture option, which makes sure that the dentures have the right foundation. The dentures are called snap-in dentures. They help reduce the discomfort and prevent the dentures from falling out.

Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant procedure can be straightforward, and depending on your mouth’s health, the process can be carried out in a couple of appointments or have same-day teeth in Tracy, CA.

Firstly, your dentist in Valley View Dental takes X-rays to assess the condition of your teeth and jaw. Then, for full arch dental, if you have teeth remaining in the arch, your dentist removes them, and your mouth needs to heal before dental implants are placed.

They’ll administer local anesthesia to help you keep calm during the process. The dentist then surgically places the implants in the jaw. After your mouth is cleaned and disinfected, the dentist takes impressions of the mouth used to create your dental bridge. The artificial teeth are designed to feel and look like your natural teeth.

Once the custom bridge is ready, it’ll be placed over the top of your implants and secured in place. You’ll now walk from the dental clinic with a new natural-looking smile.

Should I Replace My Teeth with Implants?

Full arch implants can be an option if you’re replacing all of your lower and upper teeth in your mouth. Instead of having one implant for each tooth, full arch implants can be used to create a bridge for replacing a whole row of missing teeth. Depending on an individual, it may involve placing four to six implants to support all the teeth in each arch.

Is Dental Implant a Permanent Solution?

The way dental implants are advertised, you might think that they are a long-lasting permanent solution to missing teeth. Unfortunately, the implants are not designed to be permanent. However, they are the most effective prosthetic treatment for missing teeth.

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