Can White Spots on Teeth Be Permanent?

Can White Spots on Teeth Be Permanent?

April 1, 2022

When it comes to the color of natural teeth, stains can take various forms. Some stains cause the browning or darkening of teeth, while other stains leave white spots on teeth. Either way, dental discoloration is a big problem in dentistry. Fortunately, different treatment protocols can help transform the appearance of your smile, masking present flaws and improving the general whiteness and brightness of your teeth.

Why Do Teeth Get White Spots?

White spots on teeth are different from any other kinds of dental stains that occur due to poor oral hygiene or the intake of highly pigmented foods. The most common cause of these spots on natural teeth is dental fluorosis. It is a problem that happens when you have too much fluoride on your teeth. While fluoride is a natural element necessary for strengthening teeth and increasing their resistance to dental cavities, too much of it can harm your teeth. Dental fluorosis is more common for children right before their teeth erupt through the surface of the gums. Aside from that, other causes of white spots are:

  1. Enamel hypoplasia – is a thinning of teeth enamel when teeth are still growing. When the enamels of teeth thin, they begin to develop white spots, grooves, and pits on their surfaces.
  2. Tooth demineralization – is a natural process of teeth’ enamels losing their mineral content, especially due to poor eating habits. Excessive and regular consumption of sugary and acidic foods will cause teeth demineralization, resulting in white spots on teeth.

Treatment Alternatives for White Spots on Teeth

At Valley View Dental – Tracy, we provide a variety of treatment options for patients needing to improve the color of their teeth. Some of the treatments involve directly bleaching the enamel of teeth, while others take a more conservative measure in cosmetic dentistry in Tracy, CA. when you need to remove the white spots on your teeth, your dentist in Tracy, CA, has to do more than recommend professional teeth cleaning session. Treatment options that may work well for white spots on teeth include:

  1. Professional teeth whitening – is an in-office procedure for removing stains on teeth. The process is a one-visit treatment with professional-grade whitening gels and pastes that can remove stubborn stains on teeth enamels and dentin.
  2. At-home whitening trays – they are special whitening trays that you can get in a dental office in Tracy, CA, as a prescription from your dentist. Your dentist will give you guidelines and instructions to whiten your teeth gradually at home. The treatment works great for people whose stains do not respond well to one-visit treatments.
  3. Dental veneers – are shell-like tooth-colored porcelain materials that improve the appearance of teeth in cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers are perfect for white spots because they mask the flaws of teeth on the front side. A dentist will select a porcelain veneer with a brighter color than the initial color of your natural teeth and bond it to the front surfaces of the affected teeth.

Can You Prevent White Spots on Teeth?

The underlying cause of white spots on teeth is excessive fluoride. It means that if you can figure out strategies to control the amount of fluoride intake, you can prevent white spots on your teeth. Some tips that can help you be proactive about avoiding white spots on teeth are:

  1. Take fluoride-free water
  2. Reduce the amount of toothpaste you use – especially for children, as you train them on oral hygiene measures.
  3. Limit consumption of sugary and acidic foods – other than causing white spots, sugary and acidic foods can cause dental cavities and tooth decay over time.
  4. Prioritize preventive dental care – visiting a dentist near you for routine dental exams and cleanings is an underrated measure for protecting your dental health. A dentist can help you determine when you need to limit fluoride intake and when you need to increase it.
  5. Invest in treatment protocols for strengthening teeth – as you age, enamel thinning is more rampant. You must find new ways to maintain the strength and health of your teeth.

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